From Start to Finish.

The latest in my series for BBC Radio Norfolk is: From Start to Finish.

A mixed medium doc telling the story of three exceptional female runners. We follow them as they describe their first time out on the pavement, between the 1980’s and present day. We talk of wellness, determination and the need for placing one foot in front of the other.

I’ve wanted to explore running from the female-specific lens for sometime. I wanted to uncover the everyday superhero, the women battling the impossible to some, and I wanted to highlight the importance of the ‘can-do'/’will-do’ attitude. I’ve been running myself for 2-3 years, not so much lately due to other commitments, but as soon as I began making the sport part of my routine, and ran more and more with others, of all ages and abilities, I quickly became drawn to the other characters I was training alongside. Particularly the women.

Wendy Smith has been running for 19 years, a member of The Norwich Road Runners, also a coach who runs the infamous ‘Mousehold Monday’ session.

Mandy Foyster is an experienced long distance runner, from marathons to ultras, she travels the country seeking new paths to tread.

Kiara Hamis, is a 17 year old student. One of the first members of the Junior section of The Norwich Road Runners.

Each of these strong, and motivational women has an important story to tell, and it was my aim to capture their passion for the sport in an almost immersive way. While the audio is simply made up from their personal voices, the visuals take a distinct journey from stills photography-to-GoPro captured runs.

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 16.45.00.png

Shot and cut by Emmaalouise Smith for BBC Radio Norfolk. The story will air on The Sophie Little Show. Featuring ‘Bullet from a gun’ by Painted Heathers. COMING SOON.