Norfolk. 17.02.19. Foto-Diary.

Lazy Sundays, don’t really exist.

I’ve had very little downtime since last year. Sunday’s tend to be the day of rest, but there’s always some kind of prep to do for the week ahead. I like being busy. I’ll still busy myself, even on the day of rest. This week has seen the first real, warm sun of twenty-nineteen, I revel in it, applaud it’s warmth, daylight.

Brandon was out for the day recording, so it was just to be me and Sonn, the sun-seekers. Our car has just been fixed, so a road trip was always on the cards. Lets drive, and see what we can find.

I decided to pack light, and took the XT3 out for a spin. We’d barely left the city before we came across our first stop. An industrial site, I’d wanted an excuse to visit each time I’d passed previously. This time it was filled with vintage cars, of all colours, glistening in the sun. Some kind of car meet, and some kind of reason for me to be on the land without tresspassing. Sign me up. A quick U-turn and we were there.

Sonny loves cars, but other than the freedom of travel, I personally have nothing to offer on a conversation about vehicles, but this collection caught my attention. Scattered americana, long, (very long) cars, pick-ups, VW’s and rust buckets (some of my favourites). I flipped my capturing between colour and monochrome. The industrial, textural backdrop and huge beams of light, had a lot to offer, par that with the shine of the chrome, and pristinely cleaned, and my eye was away…

Hereafter, we found ourselves way out of town, towards Fakenham, on a walk through the country. The industrial side to my diary down this way was long gone, but the hazy light started to give a different feel. Feeling playful, I tried to capture a form of movement, a childlike POV almost. Over and around a long line of hay-bales, past field upon field, in close proximity to the buzz of an electric fence, we walked.

Looking over my final selection, and there’s a carefree air to detail. A definite slow pace, perfect for the Sunday air.

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