Screen Test

Iv'e tested a screener for "Two tickets, please?" in the exhibition space. Seeing the images on a large screen for the first time has brought a world of reflection, looking back on the past 7 months in which the film's been in production has shown me how much I've achieved. 
I cannot thank the cast and crew enough for their time given on the project, and for everyone around me that's suffered for my attention constantly being elsewhere. And this is it! A short film, under 15mins in length, and something I've come to be quite proud of. My collaboration with Brandon on the audio-visual has really paid off, as a standalone soundtrack, he's created something truly atmospheric and unique to the story on screen.


We've been chosen as poster-guys for the MA Show private view, images cropping up in various local press. It's exciting, and I'm ready to share what I've otherwise kept underwraps, whilst I've fine-tuned the edit.

The first screening will be on the evening of the 30th August at the MA Show, and the exhibiton space will be open to the public on a daily basis until the 5th September. Free Entry for all.